LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Cool, Calm and Collected

Let's Hear it for the Boys

When it comes to having style it is not about what you are wearing, mostly how you are wearing it. If you have the confidence and swag of a true Fashionisto/a it does not matter what you are wearing, if it being Tom Ford or Target. The number one rule is to be comfortable and this Fashionisto looks nothing less than relaxed in his clothes.

The definition of laid-back is this Fashionisto, his look is effortless but at the same time eye catching to everyone on campus. Starting with his H&M gray beanie, which is great for this East Coast weather to keep warm – even though we know guys wear these when they don’t want to do their hair. The greatest part of this outfit is the layering – yes boys you can layer too! He starts out with a basic white tank top, layering it with an American Apparel sweater and on top of that is his Topman navy blue topcoat. This Fashionisto preferred to go with the classic blue jean, which made his outfit more casual. He added his Timberlands to give the look a little hiker chic edge. Where can you go wrong with an outfit so simple?

For once I have an article that is not dipped in name brands and labels, it is simple and easy to replicate. I believe it is safe to say that this Fashionisto is not letting his clothes wear him but vice versa, which is the way it should be, most important is that this ensemble is loose fitting (always good for those long three hour classes). This Fashionisto makes every head turn when he walks out his dorm and onto the campus, having every guy rethink their so called “grudge look.”

Hint: Having a relaxed comfortable look does not mean rolling out of bed and throwing on sweats. Instead, try jeans and a comfortable boot with an oversized sweater. And, don’t forget your jacket, it is cold here on the East Coast!


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