LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Cool And Collected

Let's Hear it for the Boys

The student body is clearly stressed out. The fun loving days of seventh week are long gone, and students have traded in apartment parties and extra-curricular activities for social gatherings of a different sort: 24 hour library sessions. Finals are here and we are all panicking and unfortunately that can be noticeably recognized in campus attire. Gone are the days of slim-fit trousers and retro blazers – the age of sweatpants and hoodies has arrived.

I admit that I am not exempt from this decline in campus style – it can be tough sitting at a desk for twelve hours, studying economics, whilst wearing high-waisted skinny jeans and heels! So as I was searching the campus for dapper, fashionable young men on my study break, I couldn’t blame my fellow students for their sensible decisions of comfort over style. However, this Fashionisto had taken one for the team, and as he rolled up to the library on his skateboard, it was clear that no business management exam was going to stop him from rocking a smart casual, classic collegiate look.

It seems to be a rarity at UCLA to see any Fashionisto in a button-down shirt, so that was a pleasant shock in itself, but what really caught me was its color. Vivid ocean blues tend to work wonders on most peoples complexions, and I couldn’t help but notice that his shirt was also perfectly coordinated with the wheels of his skateboard. This probably wasn’t deliberate, but it still rendered the board a very suitable accessory. Furthermore, his stone gray, corduroy trousers were a nice alternative trouser style, as the cord added extra variation of texture to the outfit alongside the checkered style of his shirt. Dark grey is one of my favorite colors (it tends to make me look tanned!) and in this case it allowed for closer cohesion with the blue shirt than black or denim.

As well as this, the color palette of this outfit worked because of its crisp, cool nature. The Californian sunshine is currently deceptive, and with temperatures hitting excruciating lows of 48-degrees (bear in mind our cold weather tolerance is quite low) the icy tones of this Fashionistos ensemble echoed the weather accurately, and his classic, bright white Converse shoes did a great job of finishing off the look. I just hope he made it to his final on time after I took his picture! Happy studying everyone!

Hint: As this Fashionisto demonstrates, with cooler tones you can create a feeling of tranquility and professionalism (appropriate for finals stress). Conversely, warmer tones of orange and red reflect energy and passion, however an excessive combination of both can be too busy. So choose your color palette sparingly when combining the two.


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