Let's Hear it for the Boys

I am generally drawn to a Fashionisto’s outfit based on some small detail or item that distinguishes his combination from the masses of the other fashionable men in my college town. This week, I was drawn towards something a little different. In both men’s and women’s wear alike, the trend towards eco-friendly and socially conscious shopping is growing. Efforts like TOMS shoes and Patagonia jackets have really shed light onto this idea of buying for a cause. This Fashionisto’s bag demonstrates just that, giving us insight into both his shopping habits and his style.

There is a story in this Fashionisto’s bag alone. It tells the story of fair trade and a global effort through local partnerships that support a social cause. A tale of a vibrant Southeastern Michigan city and college town that tens of thousands of students are proud to call home. A memoir of his trip to a nearby contemporary men’s clothing shop, where he met a group of friends who were as much into the local music scene as he was.

Indeed, his market tote was compelling enough to draw me into the small details of the rest of his well-assembled outfit. His coat features a flattering fit and also a great color. Army green is more unique than a black or gray, but subdued and versatile enough to be worn on a daily basis. Beneath his coat, he pairs a light blue button-down shirt with a warm sweater. This ensemble is tied together with a pair of well-fitted dark blue jeans and a pair of polished brown boots.

Hint: Army green coats are in; so is socially and environmentally conscious shopping.


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