Let's Hear it for the Boys

While it may be obligatory to wear black backstage at fashion shows and customary to wear black as a member of the audience, one must not and cannot forget about color. Just as there is a huge spectrum of color, there is a great diversity among Fashionistos; some, such as Michael Kors, will only be spotted wearing black pants, a black shirt and black blazer, whereas, others, such as, Bryanboy, are infamous for their use of bold colors. Although an all-black look is considered chic and simple, it is always refreshing to see students daring enough to show their true colors.

This student by day and model by night sets a high standard for the fashion-forward men of the university. Oxblood is one of the trendiest colors of the winter season and this Fashionisto’s cuffed colored denim sets him apart from the mundane, also known as light-washed Wrangler jeans. While many pair oxblood with black or cream shirts, this vintage-loving Fashionisto decided to add even more color into the spectrum with his plaid button-down. Additionally, his turquoise ring stands out against the deep-hued denim. He accessorizes from head to toe, paying close attention to detail; his dark socks and cognac brief case work together to complete his look. His incorporation of color throughout his entire look is bold for the UT atmosphere, yet not loud enough to reach the levels of Bryanboy. There is no need to be afraid of color when it can be used to create unique outfits that are fashion-forward and original.

Hint: Even if you do not colorize your entire outfit, try to incorporate more color as the spring season approaches! From bold rings to a watch that looks like a toy, you can never go wrong with adding just a bit of color to a drab outfit to make it a bit more fab!


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