Let's Hear it for the Boys

A well-tailored black peacoat is a staple to any man’s wardrobe. When the mind starts to wander and desire something a little more interesting though, what things should a Fashionisto consider in his pursuit of new and different?

While there are only so many ways outerwear can fit (and also flatter your specific body type), there are always a multitude of colors that one should consider. Embracing different colors is something you should always have an open mind towards, especially if you are purchasing something you know you will wear often like a winter coat. We tend to have the habit of staying in a comfort zone when it comes to what we think looks good on us, when in actuality, it can be a random color or hue combination that makes us look our best.

This Fashionisto exhibits a popular yet not too common color combo with his navy blue peacoat at the base of his outfit. Already a step away from the standard-issue black peacoat, he then accessorizes with some burnt sienna leather accessories: a nice pair of leather gloves and boots with similar hues. The pop of red that he adds with his scarf then provides nice contrast against the navy blue and, overall, brings life to his outfit. Through simple color changes, this Fashionisto successfully creates a combination that is appealing and sharp.

Hint: Experiment with different color combinations when purchasing staples such as coats. Opting for a navy blue opens the doors to endless eye-catching combinations, especially with different warm weather accessories.


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