Let's Hear it for the Boys

Many students traded in their jackets for loose fitting, cooler clothing as we had an unexpected sunny, bright day in ‘CUSE! It brings me such joy to see students getting into the spring mood and ditching their jackets for the appropriate (and missed!) spring attire. Strolling through campus, I saw an abundance of bright colors and funky patterns.

The way this Fashionisto styled his ensemble was inspiring! He embraced the rarity of this weather and decided to pair a gray V-neck sweater, a maroon collared shirt and a beanie to add some spice to his outfit. I adored how well he was able to coordinate the two individual pieces to create an eye-catching outfit.

Most students choose neutral colors, such as black as a simple way to coordinate colors. Black pieces are great because you are able to pair it with a variety of pieces. Also, it’s easy and doesn’t require effort to pull off.  Nevertheless, this student decided to be daring and chose to pair a maroon colored shirt and a beanie to complement his gray sweater. The colors harmonized well together and his outfit demonstrated that organization and simplicity.

Proper color coordination can instantly change your outfit from drab to exciting! Knowing what colors match well together and taking the time in the morning to add a unique combination of colors is refreshing for your wardrobe.

Hint: Use complementary colors to your advantage! Colors on the opposite side of the color wheel, such as orange and blue shows confidence!


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