Let's Hear it for the Boys

It is crazy to believe that the semester is halfway over and the year is almost done. While the weather still doesn’t feel like spring, some Fashionistos infuse bright colors and warm-colored pep. It’s been proven that colors influence your mood; some therapists even use certain colors for therapy. I just call it wishful thinking to wear bright colors in the middle of a murky winter.

To stay warm this Fashionisto chooses a puffer jacket. There are versatile, warm but still fitted. Under his down jacket, the Fashionisto is wearing a plaid, flannel, button-down shirt. Flannel shirts are much warmer than normal cotton shirts. Plus the button-down style offers the option to wear the shirt buttoned up or open (assuming you’re wearing a shirt underneath). My favorite winter trick is to wear a long sleeve T-shirt underneath a button-down top. It is so warm and cozy. If you are feeling extra bold layer a patterned T-shirt underneath another patterned button-down. The best part about this Fashionisto’s outfit is that the red in his plaid shirt references his red pants.

This Fashionisto chooses salmon/red pants to start off his cold day. Pants made of heavier cotton, compared to linen pants, offer more structure and warmth. The red color is vibrant and warm while blue khakis are cool and calming. So keep the color connotation in mind when picking out your outfit in the morning!

Hint: Next time you need a boost of energy opt for a colorful accent as opposed to the caffeine. For a small accent try a colored belt, socks or (f you’re feeling extra dress) a bright tie.


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