Let's Hear it for the Boys

The feeling of the sun’s warmth on an early morning is a feeling that recently, I’ve realized, I actually missed. Fall’s temperatures can still be felt in our area every so often, making it difficult in selecting what to wear for the entire day since most of us just want to dress for comfort on chilly days. The issue with wearing jackets is that doing so, covers up the beauty spring season fashion carries with it. Luckily for us, this week’s Fashionisto covered by a jacket was no problem.

The Fashionisto wore a blue button-up, buttoned fully all the way to the top combined with perfectly well fitted khaki chinos. This specific combination of blue toned T-shirts or top in general with khakis, whether chinos or shorts, you can never go wrong with because it’s a classic outfit your wardrobe should include.

While khakis, you might agree with me, is not the most colorful tone in a color scheme for chinos, it serves a purpose. The color khaki could be what evens out the colors when you decide to wear that colorful sweater or shirt. Think about this color scheme when deciding what two colors to match for example, bright shirt with really bright pants might be too much color. While some, like myself, can sometimes think: the more color, the merrier. When there aren’t basic neutral colors in an ensemble, things could go wrong.

I would recommend looking for the classic tones for chinos for this spring such as the classic navy, the khaki and black. While I also suggest experimenting with rad colors such as olive green and bright yellow, I also encourage you to think of well combined colors and ask yourself if they truly are a match.

Whatever tones it is you decide to wear at the end of the day, make them your own with confidence. In addition, always keep the most important and inexpensive thing always worn, aka: the smile.

Hint: I recently watched the film Her, yeah the one with Joaquin Phoenix falling in love with Siri. Anyway, what really caught my eye besides the storyline and concept was the trend worn by Phoenix’s character. He always wore vintage looking pants and the most cool and simple collarless button-ups. My hint to you is to search for details on everyday garments that add simplicity but spice.


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