LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Color-block Your Socks Off

Let's Hear it for the Boys

After taking this Fashionisto’s picture, I had a nice discussion with him about comfort and style and their place in our wardrobe in class. At acting school, it’s sometimes hard to find the balance between the two; on one hand, we have to be practical, because laying on the floor or pretending to be a baby chimp (we promise it’s more than that and we are actually learning how to act, mom) and our favorite Banana Republic sweaters don’t mix. On the other hand, clothes are important self-expression and wearing sweatpants every day is just boring. Comfort and practicality versus cool is something I talk about in a lot of my posts, and it’s not just a theater school thing. That English major could have quite the impressive vintage collection, but do we risk wasting an outfit by just wearing it to class? If fashion is our only form of self-expression when we aren’t expressing ourselves through art or words, how do we find a way to feel good about what we’re wearing and feel good sitting through all of these lectures?

This week’s Fashionisto has done a great job of coordinating a nice outfit and finding the happy medium. What first caught my eye and prompted me to ask for his picture in the first place was his colorful cardigan. I’d describe it as the centerpiece of the look. Statement pieces are usually reserved for the more out-there garments or pieces of jewelry, but to me a statement piece is anything that catches my eye. The cardigan is simple but not sloppy and allows the rest of this Fashionisto’s outfit to be easily constructed around it. He wears it with a coordinating V-neck, simple jeans and a laid-back hat, and leaves the jewelry at home. The end result is put-together, comfortable and presentable. Perfect for anything from stretching pre-voice class or stretching your mind for that last midterm.

Hint: Follow this Fashionsto’s example and find a statement piece that is comfy and stylish. In keeping with his color-block trend, try this polo by Paul Smith Jeans. This striped hoodie by J.Crew achieves the same effect. Or, to effortlessly dress up your look a little, this color-block shirt by Barbour in pastels arrives just in time for spring. Midterms are winding down for most of us by this point, so we can kick back and de-stress with style and ease. This is school, after all, and I guess our clothes shouldn’t be so uncomfortable that we can’t study. You’re welcome, Mom.

Happy dressing!


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