LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Color Balancing Act

Let's Hear it for the Boys

I spotted this Fashionisto amongst a cast of dozens of sidewalk strollers, and it was clear that he had no intentions of blending into the crowd.

His outfit is a creative mix of cool and collected pieces beneath electric and fun outerwear. The calmer aspects of his ensemble consist of his light grey Vans, army green khakis and a faded pastel button-up. The trio presents a nice, muted color pallet and creates the perfect foundation for an exciting pop of color without resulting in an overwhelming or nauseating look. The pop, of course, is produced by his shocking red overcoat and striped sweater to match. The consistency of red throughout the jacket and sweater bring the shock level down by zeroing in on red as the focal shade, as opposed to having two or more bright hues.

The coolest thing about this Fashionisto’s outfit is that by combining bright and lulled colors into one look, he can mix colors that would otherwise be overwhelming together. Red and green often scream “walking Christmas tree,” but because the green is faded and the red is amplified, the colors have an entirely different result. Likewise, while red, white and blue, generally epitomize patriotism at it’s finest, the soft navy, off-white ivory and shocking red add an unusual twist to the traditional group. Our Fashionisto has subtly worked with different levels of shade intensity to deliver a rainbow of colors in an eye-catching, yet inoffensive way.

Hint: Want to try this look but don’t like this particular color scheme? Try a bright yellow with softer blues and tans. Afraid you’ll look like the Easter Bunny? Try it out! Remember this new found color code of conduct and you’ll be shocked by how well it turns out.


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