Let's Hear it for the Boys

One of my favorite spots on the Stony Brook campus is the Starbucks in the Union dining hall. When it’s cold outside (which it is most of these days) I like to snuggle up in the dimly lit cafe, reading my book to the murmur of warm voices that resonate from the rosy faces. It’s always great to sit down with a nice warm cup of coffee, and the nonchalant and warm vibes make it the ideal spot after a long day.

As I was making my way from this Starbucks to class one particular day, I saw this week’s Fashionisto holding his own cup of warm wonder. On first sight I fell in love with the unique layers that he had on and how proper yet quite effortless he looked. On top, he had on a bright blue denim button-up, a gray zip-up cardigan and finally, an army green jacket. I love, love, loved the pop of color that the bright blue denim shirt added to his outfit. The neatly done collar added a very classy edge to what could have been just a super casual outfit. Now, onto the gray cardigan; On first sight, I would have never really thought to pair a casual item such as a cardigan with a more formal item such as a button-down, but this Fashionisto did it just fine. Instead of making him look sloppy, the cardigan only added to the effortless elegance of the look. I also really enjoyed the way the blue, army green, brown and gray colors of his pieces went so well together to create such a warm and enjoyable sight.

For his bottoms, this Fashionisto wore a pair of simple skinny dark blue jeans with a pair of brown boots. His only accessory was his cup of Starbucks coffee, which in my opinion added the perfect “umph” to his outfit!

Hint: One of the only things that I would tweak in this outfit is the shoes. This Fashionisto’s boots are perfect for walking but to create the perfect effortless elegance look, you might want to opt for a pair of Clarks or oxfords.


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