Let's Hear it for the Boys

Second semester is already starting to feel redundant and the temperature has dropped dramatically. As you commute to and from class, day by day, it’s inevitable to feel physically exhausted, mentally drained and even a little dismal. During days like these it’s vital keep your head held high and remain confident in yourself. Sometimes it’s beneficial to take a midday break and what better way to do so than with a nice, warm cup of coffee?

While it’s true that caffeine can provide a boost of energy, taking time to sit and enjoy the cup of coffee has proven to improve productivity and creativity. Spotted at one of the many Starbucks on campus was this Fashionisto. Turns out he’s actually a graduate student here at Penn State. With a lot of pressure, school work and little to no time for himself, he finds it to be extremely important to take a quick little break. In times like these where he needs to recharge, this Fashionisto makes sure he stays on point with his attire.

Wearing a blue button-down shirt, gray vest and a plain black pea coat, he knew how to perfect the concept of layering. In addition, he wore beige corduroy jeans and brown leather moccasins that were paired with colorful, striped socks. As for accessories, this graduate student kept all his books piled in a beige satchel with contrast leather straps. While carrying his life around his back, this satchel blends into his outfit, allowing the other unique pieces of clothing stand out.

So remember, the next time you feel overwhelmed from whatever it is that is consuming you, stop and take a quick break. Detach yourself from what you’ve been doing because if you don’t you will hit the bottom of your mental barrel!

Hint: This Fashionisto proved that you could easily add a small whimsical touch to any outfit. Be different and purchase a fun accessory to lighten the mood of your look.


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