LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Classic Look With A Little Twist

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Spring is the best time to start experimenting with your looks. Tired of your regular everyday outfits, you realize that every time you go shopping you buy the same style, cut or color over and over again. I know I am guilty of owning hundreds of flowy blouses, but for some reason every time I go to the store I find another blouse I want and convince myself that it is completely different from all the other ones I own.

Breaking your old habits can be difficult, so sometimes taking small steps towards updating your look is a way to go.  For example, add some unusual accessories or go for funkier shoes.

This Fashionisto has a very clean-cut, classic outfit.  Black skinny jeans and a beige trench coat are all time favorites. In order to add some print to his outfit, he went for a white-gray striped sweater instead of your regular white one. He took his neutral outfit to the next level by wearing dark red combat boots. Combat boots combined with a beige trench coat create a very fashion-forward look.

This Fashionisto went an extra mile to add some spice to his outfit. His safety pin earring might be not as noticeable at first, but it is definitely a statement piece—especially when combined with his rather classic look.

Next time you can’t decide on your outfit, get inspiration from this Fashionisto; go for something classy, but add some unexpected touches.

Hint: Next time you go shopping, feel free to get that fifth pair of high-waisted jeans since you wear them all the time either way, but also try to look for a trendy new accessory. Get something you wouldn’t normally wear and add it to your signature look.


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