Let's Hear it for the Boys

Another chaotic syllabus week has come and passed here in Happy Valley, leaving students bleary-eyed and more than a little willing to ease into a new routine. The initial excitement of the first week of classes has died down a bit, and with first impressions out of the way and fresh responsibilities lingering ahead, many students find themselves slipping back into their vestiary comfort zones. In other words, cue the onslaught of gym shorts and T-shirts.

I for one, certainly understand the temptation to throw on a pair of running shorts and scramble for the door. It’s easy, it’s quick and it allows for those inexorable extra minutes of sleep in the morning. What many students fail to realize, though, is the snooze button does not have to be your wardrobe’s worst enemy. Often times, the best looks are born out of pure simplicity.

Guys especially, trust me here. Swap out your ratty high school T-shirt for a plain black one and slip into a pair of colored jeans rather than gym shorts. You’ll quickly realize the time it took to create both looks is comparable. With a little extra thought and a well placed pop of color, you’ll be turning heads all around campus rather than fading into the monotonous gray of sweatpants. Take a cue from this bold Fashionisto and rock a bright emerald green, then work the same color into a pair of two-toned flip flops. Throw on a watch and a chain for a little extra swagger.

Hint: Remember dudes, when it comes down to shopping for colored jeans and chinos, the world is your oyster. Stores ranging in style and price from American Apparel to J.Crew offer a plethora of different shades from mustard yellow to brick red, so make sure to choose the hue that best suits you!


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