LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Checks And Balances

Let's Hear it for the Boys

The sun is shining, the snow is melting and the University of Alabama is finally back to class. I might have been the only one wanting to go to class, but only to see what people were going to wear to cope with the crazy post “snowpocalypse”. Though the weather hasn’t done a complete 180 from the snow, Fashionistas/os are glad to only wear one jacket, like this week’s Fashionisto! Layering can be fun, but not when for extreme necessity. Layering with different patterns and colors can be even more fun.

This Fashionisto was wearing a great blue and white checkered shirt. The starting pop of color brought life to what could have been a normal button-up. The checkered pattern is something you don’t see often in such cold weather; it reminded me of a picnic table cloth on a summer day. But, that makes it such a good choice! Bringing warm weather patterns and styles in the cold makes for a good challenge to pair with your normal winter wear. The checkered pattern with the button-up style made for a classic looking “All-American” vibe. Button-ups in this classroom setting are great to wear comfortably because you aren’t expected to keep them crisp and not wrinkled.

This Fashionisto was thankfully wearing one jacket, but he made it count. Continuing with colored layering, this Fashionisto was sporting a great addition to his casual winter wear. The forest green jacket went well with the classic blue and white checkered shirt. His play of colors was spot on, and made for a varied palette of clothing. The inside was a warm shearling, which is a great detail for colder weather. The added hood helped as well, allowing this Fashionisto to forgo a hat.

The bottoms included khaki pants, with matching colored shoes. It may be an odd combination in thought, but in practice it totally worked. It took away attention from the bottom half of the outfit and focused on the top half. You wouldn’t want too much going on in an outfit with such color and texture mixing. Having a neutral colored lower half makes the upper half pop and also is easier to style. If you already know that you are wearing something flashy on the top, dressing simpler on the bottom takes ease off your mind.

Having sporadic weather all the time can be a bit confusing. You never know what is going to happen when you leave your house, so you have to prepare for it all. Thinking about the details can seem a little extraneous, but it does pay off in the end and makes you look like you know what’s up. Being able to effectively layer for cold and warm weather is a great skill to learn. Luckily this Fashionisto has it down!

Hint: Depending on how cold it is, layering a neutral hoodie over a shirt and under a jacket can add extra warmth and style!


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