Let's Hear it for the Boys

Baby blue, buttercup yellow, pista green — it’s officially spring here at Illinois. Pastels have become an essential for spring and these shades are no longer associated with the fairer sex only. Today’s men are open-minded when it comes to being fashionable and enthusiastic about experimenting with colors. Pastel shades add life and vibrancy to any wardrobe. This Fashionisto put his best foot forward by stepping out in this shade of orange. He exudes a look that is clean, confident and stylish.

Color is a well and truly established feature of menswear. For some men, a loud color is a step too far. It’s true that color is not for the timid, however, with so many shades, there is something for everyone. The softer tones make them more versatile and much easier to work into outfits where color is the priority, reducing the risk of embarrassing color clashes. Soft pastel colors are more forgiving and suit more people and individual skin types rather than bold colors.

Despite their more relaxed nature, pastels can still be used to make a statement. This styling stud’s pastel orange is an instant eye catcher. He brilliantly pairs this vivd color with a neutral base to keep the primary focus on his top. To refine this outfit, he rocks a stylish pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Hint:  Ready to welcome this spring season with pastels? Pick up a brightly colored shirt like this Fashionisto’s and wear a neutral bottom for optimal effect. Not ready to wear that much pastel? Consider items that have a pattern constructed in pastel hues, because with a more subtle infusion of color, the transition becomes even easier.



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