Let's Hear it for the Boys

In a casual cardigan, crisp button-up and cuffed jeans, this week’s Fashionisto keeps it casual but preppy. He wears two simple essentials to create a stylish look. Simple essentials can be worn with almost anything in your closet and are the best pieces to purchase to stay in style for a reasonable price.

He wears a plain navy cardigan that can be worn with just about anything. This Fashionisto reported that his cardigan was bought at Gap. Along with the simplicity and versatility of the garment, it is a perfect layering piece to keep warm in the cold months of winter. One can also choose to wear the garment buttoned or unbuttoned. Button your cardigan for more formal events. In contrast, leave your cardigan unbuttoned, like this Fashionisto, for a casual look.

Under his cardigan, this Fashionisto has chosen to wear a mint green button-up shirt that pops due to its bright hue. Most would assume the mint green is a color to be worn in the summer but J.Crew’s winter line would disagree! This button-up is a great color that can be worn with neutrals all year long. Though often associated with more professional attire, button-ups are the perfect go-to item for a laidback look. With a quick roll of the sleeves or the unfastening of a few of the buttons, a relaxed feel is created. Break out that button-up to spruce up your daytime look!

This Fashionisto shows his preppy side with the cuff in his jeans that is thinly cuffed over once, which shows off his grey, boat shoes. These leather, ankle-high Sperry Top-Siders provide the perfect casual choice of shoes to the ensemble. They are not too dressy and are a nice change from your everyday brown Sperry Top-Sider loafers.This Fashionisto tops off his look with a caramel leather watch and Ray-Ban aviators.

Hint: Contrast your look by wearing lighter jeans or khakis with a dark cardigan or dark jeans with a light colored cardigan! Too simple of a color palette can create for a boring look. This Fashionisto plays it right.



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