LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Casual Layering at its Finest

Let's Hear it for the Boys

I feel like in fashion—especially within campus style and menswear—there are some layering techniques that are well-known and always guaranteed to work. Not only do these combos simplify putting something great together, but you can also spice up pieces you’re tired of and fall in love all over again. This Fashionisto exhibits casual layering at its finest, putting two unique pieces together to form a reliable combination: the oversized sweater over a collared button‑down. The versatility of this look is a major plus, and he made it a little more interesting with the use of subtle prints and a great color scheme.

Paired with some fitted maroon jeans and a worn in pair of Vans, he’s sporting a chambray collared button‑down with small, colorful embroideries similar to this one from Topman. The shirt choice can often set the tone for the look, for instance, how chambray can appear more casual while a color like white or black might look more formal. Layered on top is a subtle navy and black printed, oversized sweater. A printed sweater with an embroidered shirt might seem like a lot, however, like in this case, when balanced well, the two might complement each other very well. This navy and maroon printed sweater from ASOS has a similar look baring subtle dark colors in a simple graphic.

This Fashionisto took a classic layering technique that can often appear dressy and kept it exciting yet casual with some awesome subtle prints. This easy combination can easily become a quick and reliable look that can help revive some pieces you’ve been tiring of.

Hint: His casual style is just one way to layer a collared shirt and sweater. Try adding a baseball cap for a more street style look or a leather boot for something more formal.


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