Let's Hear it for the Boys

Fridays are officially the start of the weekend, so I have never understood the whole idea behind the ‘dress down’ thing. It should be a day we wear our best attire and bring in the weekend in style. But in reality, it is the day most of us wear unappealing outfits that require the least effort. This phenomenon is more evident on college campuses where students lack incentive to dress up as a result of the unpredictable weather. Luckily, I came across this Fashionisto who proved that “Casual Fridays” do not have to be so nonchalant after all.

Paired with some fitted H&M chinos and a pair of American Apparel tennis shoes, this Fashinisto is sporting a classic button-up. The earthy tones of chinos are easy to dress up or down and pair very well with button-ups. The button-up is a staple of modern men fashion and is great to pair with chinos and jeans as well as layer with a variety of sweaters. This Fashionisto uses the button-up to set the tone for the rest of the look and plays around with some contrasts. He then adds a supreme hat and a Herschel Bag to bring in an individual touch to his outfit. By using such accessories you can add more flavor to your clothing and create intricate elements.

This Fashionisto sported a mix of neutral tones and kept it casual yet tasteful by incorporating classic pieces. This combination is a quick look you can depend on to take on the last day of the week.

Hint: I hereby urge you all to turn against the laziness and comfort of dress down Friday. Try integrating some of your bold and fun pieces to show your excitement for the weekend. And trust me, when that cute girl in class notices your crisp style on everybody’s off day, you’ll be thanking me for urging you to look your best.


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