Let's Hear it for the Boys

It’s finals week here at Beloit College! As school is slowly starting to come to a end, the humidity and temperature has gradually been increasing, and students have all started to dress minimally. I’ve noticed that a good number of people wear khaki shorts paired with button-down shirts complemented by boat shoes. This is an outfit labeled as preppy that I often see on the east and west coasts, and which seems to be a popular spring outfit of the Midwest.

This Fashionisto was coming back from one of his finals when I ran into him. He was sporting the outfit that has grown to be quite popular on this campus. From head-to-toe he had on a blue T-shirt paired with khaki shorts complemented with boat shoes. I thought the combo of colors that he used within his outfit was great. Being able to use a dark colored T-shirt and pairing it off with a light colored pair of khakis created a magnificent look that will catch the eye of many on lookers. He had accessorized with a brown leather strapped watch, which brought together his whole outfit. I think the watch was a great addition to the outfit since it added a little sophisticated flavor. This outfit is perfect for warm weathered days, because it is layered down, and it lets the wearer feel the rays of the sun without sweating profusely.

Hint: When wearing a similar outfit, I’d advise to wear a shirt that is darker than the khakis so the color contrast will create a look that is spectacular.


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