LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Cap on the Winter Wear

Let's Hear it for the Boys
Baseball caps are no longer just for baseball games and sport outings. This Fashionisto pairs a tribal print baseball cap with his winter ensemble. No longer are boys limited to the typical winter toque or the traditional baseball cap. This Fashionisto teaches us to look outside the boundaries of typical winter wear. His baseball cap shows that a summer accessory can change along with the seasons. The cap adds a pop of colour to the typical black and greys of the winter colour palette.
Winter always seems to be the hardest season to dress for. Students at Queens University are constantly looking to keep warm in the freezing weather. Sometimes, due to the cold weather, the only option for dressing seems to be layering and drowning oneself in knits and wools. Layering, if preferred, can be great for the winter, but if boys want another option they can opt for a warm down-coat. Down-coats, parkas, bombers or “puffy” coats are becoming increasingly fashionable. They come in different styles such as military and explorer, or in a simple black style, like the one this Fashionisto wears. This Fashionisto also gives us an example of the utilitarian boot trend.  The utilitarian boot is an alternative to real snow boots. What was once worn by construction workers has creeped onto the campus runway to defend one’s feet from snow. Utilitarian boots provide a non-slip bottom, warmth in cold weather and, again, incorporates the utility trend.
Both Fashionistos and Fashionistas hailing from cold winter climates can try to achieve this look. Similar baseball caps can be found at Urban Outfitters. There are a variety of colours and patterns to enhance one’s preferred winter attire. Utilitarian boots can be found at many different retailers. Similar boots to the Fashionisto’s are these pairs from Timberland, Sorel and UGG Australia. Some labels that specialize in parkas are Soia and Kyo, Canada Goose, Add Down and Mackage.
Hint: The beauty of a baseball cap is that it allows boys to wear it however they choose. It can be worn backwards, to the front or from the side. Whatever a Fashionisto feels expresses his individuality, go for it!


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