Let's Hear it for the Boys

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake will forever live on in all of our hearts as the perfect couple. More importantly, their 2001 American Music Awards outfits will be forever burned into our retinas, as they rocked matching Canadian tuxedos on the red carpet. This denim-on-denim trend has typically been seen as a fashion faux-pas, but more recently its been making its way back into style with a facelift.

This Fashionisto wears skinny jeans, a chambray button-up, tan jacket, Wisconsin ski hat and lace-up boots. The key to pulling off a successful Canadian tuxedo is varying the washes on the denim, typically a lighter colored denim shirt with dark wash jeans. Though this Fashionisto’s shirt isn’t much lighter than his pants, his tan jacket breaks up the blue wash. Additionally, the little details of red on his hat and socks as well as his multi colored backpack give allusion that less denim is actually being worn. Make sure you aren’t completely replicating JT’s look. Simply wearing denim on denim with slight variation in wash (or worse, an acid wash or destroyed jean), will make you look like you came from a bad ’90s themed party.

Finally, keep in mind that everything looks better when your shirt and pants are fitted. Most guys are leery of trying out slim fit pants and wearing tighter shirts. Especially with trying to pull off the Canadian tuxedo look, it’s imperative to have your clothing fitted or you’ll run the risk of looking sloppy.

Search deep in your heart, find your inner Justin Timberlake or Britney Spears and rock out in your denim.

Hint: Never wear use acid wash or destroyed jeans for this trend. You will look like a hot mess.


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