Let's Hear it for the Boys

The winter is a beautiful season. The snow makes everything sparkle and the cold is always a great excuse to stay in and relax. When you do have to step outside and brave that cold, however, dressing can be tricky. It’s important to stay warm without foregoing style. While headed over to the library to get the jump on a new semester of readings, I met Jerry, a PhD student studying Political Science at the University of Toronto, who seems to have found the perfect combination of practical and fashionable.

When I ask him how he would describe his look, he calls it simply “Canadian.”  I appreciate the point he makes: in the Canadian winters, we Canucks have to learn how to stay warm and look cool. Jerry does exactly this in his North Face parka and HBC bag. The parka is an essential part of any winter look. It is practical and attention grabbing. I consider it a fun part of any winter look. The crossover-body bag is Jerry’s favourite part of this outfit. It is practical, stylish and quintessentially Canadian. The Hudson’s Bay Company, founded in 1867, is a symbol of Canada. Jerry’s HBC bag is his favourite piece and mine as well.

The boots come in at a close second as the best part of this look. Jerry admits the variety of boots this season is his favourite trend. He keeps his look classic by pairing colours in similar tones. His tortoise-shell glasses in the oh-so-in round shape pick up the brown of his boots and the light blue dress shirt peeking out from his parka blends with his blue jeans and navy bag. Overall, Jerry manages to make a parka and boots into a classic, stylish winter look. According to Jerry, who has been to many campuses across Canada, the University of Toronto is one of the most fashionable and Jerry upholds this image.

Hint: Leather, suede, tall or short, boots are both practical and stylish for guys and gals. Also, don’t be afraid to try brown instead of black: it adds warmth to any winter look.


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