LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Can We Go Thrift Shopping?

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Going to school at Penn State comes with many perks. The shopping is one of these. Downtown Sate College is full of many shops and restaurants that could appease any student or visitor. The clothing stores don’t just sell Penn State blue and white spirit wear either. Many of these stores sell trendy designer clothes. However, if you overindulge in buying clothes from these stores, you may end up broke. I made this mistake first semester by spending half of my bank account on expensive clothes. This semester, however, I learned to be more frugal with my spending without hurting my style. There are so many different ways to spend less on trendy clothes. This Fashionisto took on one cheaper shopping approach this week by going to the local Goodwill for his outfit.

Spending only 30 dollars, this Fashionisto was able to buy a stylish outfit that also consisted of name brand clothing. Many people may turn away from the Goodwill or thrift shops but if you take a visit to one of them, you will be amazed at all the great things sold there. I took a trip to State College’s very own Goodwill this week myself and was surprised to find many great pieces of gently used clothing for very cheap. There were many name brands being sold there. Some examples of these findings would be the J.Crew sweaters, Ralph Lauren polos and Banana Republic dress pants all under 10 to 15 dollars. This Fashionisto purchased a J.Crew statement sweater, originally worth about ninety dollars, for only seven dollars. He used the layering style also by wearing a red plaid Ralph Lauren button-down shirt underneath that he purchased for only five dollars. His bottoms are an eight dollar pair of Levi slim dark washed jeans. His shoes were also from a thrift shop called Avalon in Pittsburgh, costing him only 10 dollars for the pair.

This Fashionisto did not only dress himself in an inexpensive outfit but also in a stylish one. His sweater is a statement sweater, which is very in right now. Also, this Fashionisto used the layering technique very nicely by wearing a red plaid button-down shirt underneath. His jeans made the outfit more casual for going to class, as did his shoes.

Hint: Fun sweaters are very in and easy to find. J.Crew, along with Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters, sell a variety of them. Thrift shops like Goodwill are full of fun statement sweaters also. When you have a small budget and want to experience new styles, travel your way down to your local Goodwill and you will be surprised with what you find!


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