Let's Hear it for the Boys

Bread is to butter as camo is to Texas. Plain and simple. There’s just something about that earthy, leafy pattern that makes Southerners go crazy for it. Come to think of it, it is almost surreal to realize that what was originally designed as hunting apparel has now managed to successfully infiltrate itself into all fashion levels. From moto jackets to Converse shoes and even to prom wear, the camo print has come to stay. It is the ultimate statement of manhood and toughness, and guys absolutely love it. But as cool as it is, boys must keep in mind not to be overpowered by it. In the South we have all seen the camo onesie look at least once, and it is not pretty. So how do we keep camo cool? You combine hard, camouflage pieces with more subtle ones in the same color scheme just like this Fashionisto did. His rugged style has the perfect amount of the outdoors and prevents him from losing his alternative high fashion flare.

The main thing that struck me about this Fashionisto was the combination of his dark gray skinnies with a loose camouflage shirt. Usually you would think to pair a tough camo piece with some manly cowboy jeans and a pair of dark leather boots. Usually, but not this time! His dark denim skinnies made the perfect combination with his camouflage print shirt, and the beige suede shoes added a touch of rugged sophistication. The rolled up sleeves and cuffed pants gave this look an alternative vibe, and it was very Austin of him to complete his outfit with a pair of indie, rounded shades.

The amount of balance in this Fashionisto’s look was superb, and I absolutely loved his combination of masculine camouflage pieces with edgier, more alternative ones. Personally, I would describe his style as Southern hunting gone urban, or camouflage gone Austin.

Hint: If you want to go the extra indie mile, pair this look with a distressed denim vest in tan or light gray colors.


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