Let's Hear it for the Boys

How should a Fashionisto dress when one snowstorm after another hits your city? How about putting a brave face on and pulling on that longer coat of yours?

When I spotted this Fashionisto, I was fascinated by the different layers going on in his outfit, but most of all, by his multi-button long peacoat. The messenger bag and scarf perfectly even out the longer length of his outerwear and still draw attention to the upper half. Not only that, but they serve the practical use of keeping warm against the blistering winds as well.

His outfit is composed of monotone colors, which gives it a more neutral base to play around and experiment with the varying levels of his clothes. The darker tones of browns are seen in his coat and bag, while the lighter tones appear in his scarf and shoes, framing the outfit. The darkest color, black, only shows up in his straight denim pants, or so it seems. Looking closer, the black reappears in his glasses frame, rimming his face and balancing the outfit out even further.

Yet, what adds a pop to his outfit is the unique length and buttons of his outerwear, along with the plaid design of his scarf. The many colors are kept in a simplistic, but fun, plaid print of the Fashionisto’s scarf. His scarf is the true eye catching item of his attire. The beige is played up with the white, red and black lines. Overall, it tops off the outfit.

Hint: Afraid of the long length of a coat? Try one that hits below the hips, but enough above the knee for more movement.


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