LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Button-Down This Break

Let's Hear it for the Boys

It’s that time at West Virginia University. No matter whether you’re enjoying a beach vacation or a stay-cation at home, your spring break essentials should always consist of one nice outfit. Think slim pants, lace-up shoes and crisp button-downs. This outfit works whether you’re enjoying a night out in the polar vortex or on the beaches of Mexico; because rolling up the sleeves is always an option if a short sleeve button-down isn’t.

Stylish men, like Pharrell Williams are creating new looks for trendsetters on campuses everywhere. I know your idea of trendsetting might not be the notorious hat in the uplifting music video “Happy.” But adding a fedora to enhance the spring break state-of-mind wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

This Fashionisto found a way to make his blue eyes pop without a tan that only a sunny day on spring break can provide. With a tight college budget, we all have to work with what we have. When picking an outfit, choose a style or color that is complementing. Between the blue hues and the pattern, I don’t know what would’ve made this Fashionisto stand out more on campus.

Find your inspiration in more ways than the usual. Websites like Style.com have amazing new trends just waiting for you to read about. If you are home on a stay-cation, it is the perfect time to explore trends that everyone around the world is raving about. Besides, what better time to shop than when you’re at home? Chances are, your parents would be more than happy to spend quality time with you, even if it’s putting a dent in their wallets.

I suggest that everyone has a button-down in their wardrobe. Whether it’s with a blazer or vest, there are many ways to switch up the normal top layer; button-downs have the potential to go a long way. You might find yourself incorporating this item in more ways than one.

Hint: No matter how you look at a button-down, it’s a win-win situation. Always. Do you want to button it to the top, half-way or leave it loosely tailored with a conversational T-shirt for a fun look? Yes, perfect; it all works! For those stuck in the winter tundra, try a heavier fabric. For the true trendsetter, hand over the jacket and try a new light layer! Twist one around your waist for a hint of color and/or pattern for a hip look. Whether you’re going on a stay-cation or vacation, a button-down is key for any Fashionisto.


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