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Let's Hear it for the Boys

Good news, collegiate comrades! Spring has sprung! Bad news, collegiate comrades? We are approaching the most disgusting, stressful time of the year by far. Between advising meetings, finals, finding a comfortable living situation and lining up our summer job(s), the only time we have to appreciate the weather is the short walk to and from class. It’s like we’re earning degrees or something. To top it all off, we’re expected to find time to put away all of our winter clothes and seamlessly transition for spring? It’s an assignment that seems daunting, but thankfully this Fashionisto is around to give us a few helpful hints on how to look sharp while the weather starts to adjust.

My favorite aspect of his look is that it is a wonderful blend of casual, trendy and formal pieces. His turtleneck, blazer and wire-rim glasses are anything but stuffy when worn with his baseball cap and stylish watch. Nothing is overdone, he doesn’t overload on accessories, and he shows us that while working our way from season to season we do not have to resort to basics. There is a strange idea that a lot of men have that spring is strictly for polo shirts and T-shirts, maybe the occasional button-down, and as soon as the temperature climbs above 40 degrees, the shorts come out until November. This Fashionisto’s turtleneck is a practical choice as well as a stylish one as the weather starts to work its way towards warm and sunny. It’s warm, but he knows it’s not flip-flop season just yet.

Hint: I’ve seen tons of guys around the city wearing shorts because they assumed April means warm, and this isn’t always the case. For a lightweight blazer like this Fashionisto’s, try this one by Farah Vintage. The nice thing about a lighter blazer is that you can dress it up or down without overheating. Or for the more relaxed, a denim jacket like this is perfect for those warm-but-not-too-warm days. Ultimately, the most important thing in dressing well for the weather is actually paying attention to the weather, so check your phone’s weather app before you leave for class in your wool peacoat. Happy dressing!


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