LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Bringing Back the Nineties, One Bowtie At A Time

Let's Hear it for the Boys

There’s a pattern I’ve noticed about trends, and I’m guilty of following it myself.  It’s having worn something years ago, finding it to be completely unattractive and now catching myself scouring the racks at Housing Works looking for the exact same thing I owned almost 20 years ago.

Some examples are the printed spandex the dancers wore in In Living Color (Fire Marshall Bill A.K.A. Jim Carrey is a nightmare-inducing memory to this day), every sweater worn by Bill Cosby in The Cosby Show and Topanga from Boy Meets World’s crop tops. I’m elated knowing that I can now embody my inner Fran (The Nanny) without getting stare-downs from confused pedestrians. I’m even able to recite a few of her famous catchphrases, Queens accent and all.

I’ll keep that little secret to myself though. It might be too much for Kent State to handle.

The always-lovable Steve Urkel from another nineties sitcom, Family Matters, definitely dressed nerdy to the extreme. Since our childhood, he’s become a muse for wannabe geeks. I often run into men (and many a sassy female) donning suspenders, thick-rimmed glasses, bowties, high-waisted pants with the legs rolled up and saddle shoes, among many other elements of his style. Urkel was obviously the original hipster.

This Fashionisto is geek-chic at it’s finest! The men’s hat of the season, the five-panel cap, is on its way to replacing the less fitted snapback. I’ve always favored the five-panel mostly because I believe that it’s got more of a sophisticated look and offers more options in regards to styling. The bold African print is a definite nod to the nineties, when similar patterns thrived. I originally intended to recommend Urban Outfitters, a store that I’ve cited numerous times before for their expansive collection of caps, but I’ve found that Karmaloop.com has a selection that’s even better!

His knicker shorts and suspenders are definitely a class act, even though the suspenders are worn more for style nowadays than their original purpose. For those living under a rock, H&M is FINALLY offering online shopping in the U.S. It was about time! A pair of basic H&M dress shorts will go a long way, as they are versatile and very reasonably priced. You can afford to buy both colors offered and be prepped for the upcoming semester. While you’re doing your back-to-school shopping, it can’t hurt to buy some charitable TOMS, as demonstrated by this Fashionisto. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, pick up a bowtie. The one I selected from ASOS is patterned but appears single-toned from a distance.

Hint: Exaggerating the nerdy look used to be a definite no-no, but now anything’s fair play! Just make sure you don’t go completely nineties.  Modernize your look with slim fits and just one standout piece. Not even Will Smith or DJ Jazzy Jeff can get away with wearing neon-blocked windbreakers AND leopard print at once!


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