LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Brighten Your Winter Days

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Color is the most important intricate part of each season. It can make or break your outfit, grant you great compliments or the side eye. Winter, known for its subtle, muted and toned-down hues of neutrals, blacks and grays may have you tossing all of your colored garments in the back of your closet and not touch until the clock strikes spring. Along with color, the right print can have the same impact on your wardrobe. Prints such as floral have been carried from season to season and translated from women’s fashion to men’s fashion, and this Fashionisto shows his expertise with both.

From the ground up, he starts his foundation with black sued pointed toe dress shoes, and black cuffed skinny jeans. The excitement begins above the waistline. Not the usual floral print like this shirt here, however, he pairs a very colorful tropical printed T-shirt with a bright electric blue biker jacket (great for the lighter breezy days). The fun about this outfit is that there is no pairing of colors, every one is different, yet he cleverly makes it work. This Fashionisto did not forget about his accessories, he accented this look with silver pieces; a long cross necklace and skull head ring.

The key to this look is balance. He is very playful on top but keeps it under control with calm pants and shoes. This look can be taken as a little dressy for an everyday look, but he adds a casual twist by adding a black beanie. This Fashionisto shows off his confidence and fashion knowledge by going astray from the standard colors of winter and adding bold outerwear and a fun printed shit to his otherwise dark look.

Hint: Trying a bold color in the winter is not as intimidating as it seems. Take this look and make it your own. Start small, you do not have to wear an electric blue biker jacket, but could instead add a casual T-shirt or button-down with darker colored jeans like the black ones this Fashionisto is wearing, or vice versa with colored jeans and a dark shirt. You can also try this trend with a simple fun colored snapback or beanie. Just remember to have fun this winter, add some color into your style and make it your own!


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