LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Brighten Up A Gloomy Day

Let's Hear it for the Boys

We all feel it — rainy days are a major buzzkill for your wardrobe. Who wants to be walking around in a wet outfit? The positive side to rainy days is that they require layering items like jackets, scarves and hats. Rain jackets and high-top sneakers seem to be the “it” trends this winter, keeping the Fashionistos dressed for success while protecting against any weather that may get in their way.

However, it’s really easy to fall into the wintery trap of gloom. People tend to play it safe with their outfits, utilizing dark and bland-colored fabrics and maybe some jewel tones if they’re feeling daring. But this Fashionisto keeps it casual, yet trendy for class with a bright accessory.

This Fashionisto wears Cole Haan high-top sneakers with bright red laces to spice up his neutral outfit. To protect from the rain (and show off his good style on campus) he wears a sporty rain jacket that matches the blue button-down underneath. While he has his two-tone skills down, his red laces aren’t too eccentric for class and still show off his outgoing personality. So, next time it’s a gloomy day on campus, don’t be too quick to think “rain, rain, go away.” Use the weather to stand out between the surrounding passersby and gloomy skies!

Hint: Try standing out from the crowd by wearing an item with just a hint of color.  I always loved Nike’s high-tops, since they come in various colors. You can even customize them based on what would match your closet most! These Nikes are bold, yet versatile and can match several looks for any season.


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