LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Breezy Shirts For Freezing Days

Let's Hear it for the Boys

As temperatures approach the negatives in Wisconsin this week, everyone is more focused on trying to stay warm than making it an objective to make a fashion statement. For example, one of my sample outfits during the frigid months consists of long johns, khakis, button-up shirts, sweaters, boots, smart wool socks, snapbacks and a peacoat. I myself though tend to wear a lot of black to insulate myself during these harsh conditions. There are individuals around me who are wearing multiple layers of clothing, but there are those who try to brave the cold by wearing the least amount of clothing possible. Hey, at least they are doing it in style, right?

A day after it had snowed, I found this Fashionisto strolling on campus in a spectacular half-sleeve button-up. After some discussion with the Fashionisto, I found out he had gotten the shirt in South Africa. He had spent close to half a year volunteering in Africa, and the shirt carried sentimental value. I though the concept of that was honestly beautiful. He then had a pair of slim black jeans, which in my opinion contrasted really well with his half-sleeve shirt. To complete the outfit, he had on a pair of Creative Recs, which was not only classy, but also stylish. He was wearing two accessories. The first accessory that he was wearing was a nice leather classy watch. The second was a black bracket made out leather.

Hint: When wearing a half-sleeve shirt, try to complement your outfit with a couple of arm accessories (ex: watch). It hides the ugly bare arm look that sometimes can occur.


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