Let's Hear it for the Boys

The spring semester has officially kicked off and with it, so have new trends and interesting Fashionisto ensembles. Even with the mixed weather and the rush of the first few days of class, peers never fail to create rad new spring combinations filled with their own unique personality.

This week’s Fashionisto I found very amusing because it seemed as if he had two different personality trends incorporated. First of all, to whomever thought beanies with cowboy boots were not a fashionable match, think again! This Fashionisto’s dynamic combination of both pieces together definitely made us all look at his ensemble more than once.

Beanies, I feel, have recently become the ultimate accessory that depending on the material and color, can almost go with just about anything. Even though it used to be once a skater trend, it’s become a trend just about any Fashionisto can take on. You can find a slouchy beanie like this Fashionisto’s from places like Zumiez. My suggestion on selecting one is to grab a lightweight type that way you can use all year.

Aside from the beanie trend, the Fashionisto’s ensemble also included brown vintage boots with dark denim jeans, accompanied by a lighter washed denim button-up shirt. Does that combination sound familiar? Denim on denim is probably one of the trends you might recall that recently started too. While denim on denim might not sound like a new trend, this specific trend seems to be here for some more time. If you didn’t get to take part in it last semester, there’s still time.

On a closing note to this first post, I’d just like to add that I’m excited to share with you Fashionistos I’ll find this semester and I hope you enjoy reading and viewing the photos as much as I do. It’s a new school semester, it’s going to have new academic challenges and more but it’s up to each one of us to make it a great one.

Hint: While some don’t like using belts among other accessories, owning at least two is necessary. Belts usually help when you’re tucking in a shirt and you’re trying to go for a more clean look. When on the search for one, leather material belts usually last a long time and look very nice with matching ensembles. If you don’t yet own any belts or only have one, take the time and look into getting another one.


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