Let's Hear it for the Boys

It isn’t unusual to see a Fashionisto sport a lightweight jacket this time of year. With just a couple months of the semester left until summer break, students in Texas are trying to get as much use from their jackets as they can before the unbearably uncomfortable temperatures sink in.

Today’s Fashionisto hit the mark with his bomber jacket in a vibrant shade of blue. His T-shirt, jeans and creepers effortlessly create an ensemble that perfectly emphasizes this Fashionisto’s personal style. Student essentials such as sunglasses, iPod and a simple messenger bag to carry school materials keep the day running smoothly for this stylish fellow.

This Fashionisto’s bold choices are anything but forgettable. The printed T-shirt and bomber jacket are both separate stand out pieces that look phenomenal when layered together. It doesn’t take much to make a statement while wearing a jacket like this. If you’re feeling more adventurous than usual, take a note from this Fashionisto, and don’t hesitate to add an extra print or color combination into your outfit!

Hint: Squeezing in more ensembles that include a lightweight bomber jacket is definitely a good idea for the cloudy and rainy days ahead. Instead of the typical neutral shades, set yourself apart from the crowd with a jacket in a vibrant color or pattern. With plenty to choose from, a patterned bomber jacket will certainly keep you shining even on the most rainy days!


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