Let's Hear it for the Boys

The school year is over! Can you believe it? Summer is ours at last (unless you have summer classes). With classes and our exams over and behind us, it’s time to celebrate. What better way to express yourself than by showing off you sense of style?

I couldn’t help but stop this week’s Fashionisto when I saw him from a distance. His look definitely caught my attention when I noticed him wearing an eye catching blue graphic tee with colorful harem pants. This Fashionisto’s sense of style was very loud and extremely proud. I liked his look a lot because it wasn’t only bright but it was also unique among others. The abstract pattern of his pants reminded me of our cosmic space while the sewn black and white rippled pockets drew the eye to the level of the pants’ detail. There was so much energy going on with his pants that they were the first thing I noticed. This Fashionisto also went the extra mile when he accessorized his look with a blue fitted cap, stylish black frames and his bright blue NIKE sneakers. Usually too much of one color can be overwhelming, but in this case, it all came together perfectly. His sense of style would be great for a chill day around campus or even a fun night with friends. It speaks freedom!  I can tell you regardless of where he’s going or what’s he doing, this Fashionisto is going to make an impression!

Hint: If you ever want to try something different, perhaps purchasing your own pair of harem pants may do the trick! These pants are definitely a recycled fashion from the ’80s but they are back and bigger than ever. They can be a great addition to the wardrobe to show off your fun, fashionable and wild side. These pants are absolutely different from your everyday look but offer a great way to show off our fearless sense of style.


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