Let's Hear it for the Boys

The sun was out and love was definitely in the air. It was the perfect day to be given flowers, handed chocolates or be serenaded by one of the serenade crews around campus. Strumming their guitars and wooing the ladies, these guys were making a love statement with their music and their personal style. This is where I spotted this Fashionisto and his guitar. His music lured me over to the serenade crew, but it was his boho look that definitely caught my eye.

His outfit was a reminiscence of Bohemian Rhapsody and cool boho style. His fitted dark green matte pants coordinated perfectly with his striped shirt in lighter tones of beige, and his cardigan with black accents simply brought the entire look home. It was surprising that although this Fashionisto’s garments were all from the same spot in the color wheel, he never appeared “matchy-matchy.” He managed to incorporate subtle accents of color in his outfit to prevent him from looking that way, such as by wearing crimson suede shoes  and rocking a pair of rounded black shades. What really did this look for me was his adorable fedora. It was in the same color family as the rest of his clothes, but because it was a darker brown, it was the uniting piece between the lighter beige shades and the darker crimson colors of the rest of his outfit. It is notable to also mention that he paired similar prints in his look, since both his shirt and his cardigan were accentuated with horizontal stripes. This added to the perfect balance this Fashionisto created with this romantic boho look.

Hint: If this look is too much of the same color for you, try wearing a statement colored shirt instead, to add a bit of pop!


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