LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Blue on the Brain

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Most of the time, adding a fab coat to your outfit can really take it up a notch. With the downright frigid weather, it is almost impossible to get away with anything less than a parka. Because of this, spotting someone without a coat really caught my attention and this Fashionisto kept my attention with his super trendy ensemble. So this time going sans coat really worked, but next time I would definitely recommend a jacket to avoid freezing outside while going from building to building!

This fantastic Fashionisto rocked the ever popular colored denim jeans in a neutral yet interesting rust color. It is on the lighter side of rust and it really works as a neutral. A pair like these are perfect for everyone to have in their closet to use as a break from the everyday jean. Everything else from his hat to his headphones are blue! He doesn’t use the exact same color, which makes him look pulled together without looking matchy-matchy. His kicks are classic Nikes that have the multiple shades of blue needed to be able to wear them with a ton of pieces. This Fashionisto uses the layering technique, which allows him to get away with not wearing a coat. The top layer is a stylish sweatshirt that uses a minimalistic approach to stripes, which is huge for spring. It has different shades of blue and white, which is similar but not too similar to the blues in the shoes. The stripes also create a sense of texture that makes the shirt really pop especially against the neutral color of the pants. The visible layers underneath are classic white and blue crew-neck T-shirts. He tops it off with a cool flat brim hat that brings the whole look together. He also carries the ever popular and practical black backpack.

Hint: When wearing a lot of the same color in one outfit, make sure to use different shades and textures to keep the look interesting. Also break up the flow by wearing a contrasting color as well. Fashionistos can color block too! It’s a fun way to wear your favorite color as much as possible while still looking trendy.


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