LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Blue Jeans, Black Shirt

Let's Hear it for the Boys

The end of the warm weather is arriving. By next week, we might have to start bundling up to avoid getting sick, so we have a few days left to rock a T-shirt with no layers. Even though layering season can show us the greatest looks of Fashionistos and Fashionistas worldwide, we should also dress appropriate for the weather of the day, no matter what. You can’t layer up on days when it’s 90 degrees. Looking simple is a great way to look good without trying hard.

I figured I’d want to sneak some sun in before the weather had a drastic change, so I went to the Jersey Shore for a weekend. That’s where I met this week’s Fashionisto. It was close to 85 degrees when I went, and he was dressed accordingly — looking nice enough to pull in chicks and still being able to feel comfortable. This Fashionisto kept it so simple, literally using the least amount of pieces you can to put together an outfit. Yet, for some reason, it appealed to me.

This Fashionisto wore a plain black V-neck on a pair of blue ripped jeans from Hollister. The contrast of the shirt and jeans makes him stand out. The choice of a slim V-neck shirt shows off his body in all the right places, making him appear muscular, which is something you want to show off when going to the beach. The distressed jeans are perfect for this season, since it’s something that has been getting back into style since A$AP Rocky starting rocking it at the end of 2012. People usually criticize Hollister in New York since it hasn’t really appealed to much people since 2010, but this Fashionisto wore them so nicely, even making me want a pair for myself. The Fashionisto finalizes his outfit with minimal accessories and a pair of white canvas sneakers he bought from H&M for only $17! Talk about shopping on a budget. If you’re unsatisfied with with H&M shoes, a pair of Converse should suffice.

Hint: Even though the Fashionisto chose to stay minimal, you should also consider topping the outfit with a nice flannel shirt and more accessories. Don’t let the cold weather stop you from wearing this outfit, either. A nice leather biker jacket or a simple varsity/bomber jacket would look great over this outfit.


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