Let's Hear it for the Boys

In the fashion world today, blazers are normally seen as formal attire, but recently, we’ve seen a change in this article of clothing turn into a more casual piece as well. College boys don’t want people to think they try too hard with their outfits or show that they care. Our Fashionisto this week knows how to pull off the casual look without trying too hard.

Our Fashionisto’s gray blazer complements the simplicity of the outfit but adds enough to the overall look to give off a modern twist to the once formal blazer.  A blazer can spice up any outfit and can still be casual enough for everyday life. Though recently, I’ve seen a trend in boys getting very dressed up for school pairing button-downs with blazers, I love that our Fashionisto has paired his blazer with a V-neck, keeping his look very casual but still nice.

Neutral colors work in our Fashionisto’s favor from his dark jeans to his tan dress shoes. Not only am I a big fan of his very nice jeans, but also his dress shoes are to die for! You all know that I’m a huge fan of men’s shoes. I’m always intrigued by fancy men’s shoes. That, and fancy watches, as shown.

Hint: The blazer is a good touch for just about any outfit if you experiment with it a little bit. Like I said earlier, it can be played up as a very formal article of clothing, or it can be worn on a normal day basis such as going to class or even a casual dinner date. Play around with the blazer because chances are, it’ll go well with your outfit.


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