Let's Hear it for the Boys

With each new season, there comes a plethora of new trends. While some prove to be long lasting (leather pants and crop tops), others come and go as quickly as the weather changes. While there are some people who religiously follow what is walking down the runway, others opt for a more basic approach. Although this does not involve nearly as many sequins and fur as the trends display, it still makes a big statement. When done in the right way, it displays that less really is more.

This Fashionisto does an excellent job displaying that trends are not always the way to go. He starts with a solid gray V-neck shirt, a must have piece in any male wardrobe. He goes on to pair this with a pair of eggplant pants cuffed at the bottom. The standout color and cuffing give the pants a little something extra without taking too much away from the outfit overall. The Fashionisto caps things off with a pair of gray boat shoes.

This outfit is a perfect example of standing out while still being understated. He picks pieces that are eye-catching in their own way. When everything is brought together, it makes a cohesive, classy outfit. Another point to note is the versatility of this ensemble. Instead of picking a distinct season, he opts for pieces that work no matter what the temperature is. By throwing on a jacket, he is able to adapt to a nighttime drop in temperature.

Hint: For all my friends leaving Louisiana for less temperate climate this winter break, it is definitely a good idea to invest in cold weather gear. Be it a cool hat, warm scarf or gloves, be sure you are ready for the winter weather!


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