Let's Hear it for the Boys

Spring is in the air! Naturally, this inclines us to break out the bright floral prints, flip-flops, cut-off shorts and all of our other springtime favorites. Spring is a great time to break out bright colors that might have blinded people on their early morning trudge to their 8 a.m. classes during the winter. But should we restrict ourselves to looking like rays of sunshine every single day of the season? What about those other awesome hues that reside on the color wheel? I think they deserve a little springtime love as well.

This week’s Fashionisto did a great job of incorporating a little darkness into his look on this overcast spring day. Though it may be a little difficult to notice this dimmer color scheme, it really stood out to me in a sea of bright greens, yellows and other colors swimming around campus.

Instead of going for all black everything, this Fashionisto decided to incorporate a little gray into his ensemble with a gray and black striped crewneck sweater. A perfect choice for the chilly winds that hit ever so often during the spring. His black jeans displayed a perfect match for his sweater, and his black and white sneakers added a sporty touch to his casual ensemble. My favorite part of this outfit, however, was the Fashionisto’s brown leather belt. In the midst of this darker color scheme, the small brown accessory gave it subtle variance while giving the outfit a little personality. And who wouldn’t love that black hoodie casually thrown over the shoulder?

Hint: We all know the phrase, “Black goes with everything.” So instead of opting for a darker ensemble overall, incorporate some black into an outfit of color! This watch by Michael Kors will do just the trick.


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