Let's Hear it for the Boys

While some may steer away from wearing the color black, I beg to differ. Since elementary school we were taught that black is not a real color and wearing all black meant you that were in mourning. In today’s day and age it represents something completely different. It represents sophistication.

Spotted shopping along the downtown area of State College was this Fashionisto. Most of his attire consisted of the color (you guessed it) black! Wearing dark black jeans, a black button-down shirt and a black wool peacoat, he represented pure sophistication. While most of his outfit consisted of black clothing, there was also a sufficient amount of color incorporated. By doing so, he layered a colorful, tribal printed wool sweater that was tucked under his beautiful coat. Tying the outfit together was a pair of short, brown suede boots and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

While you don’t have to turn your back on all colors, this Fashionisto proves that it’s okay to incorporate more black into your wardrobe. Although it may take some time and effort, the finishing product will look sophisticated and most importantly chic.

Hint: If you like black as much as this Fashionisto and I do, then listen up. Wearing black can either be spot on or a complete fashion disaster which is why there are rules to live by. These rules include: making sure that all black clothing in an outfit match, knowing how to mix textures and fabrics, being cautious of black cotton since they fade quickly, caring for your dark clothes when washing them and knowing when to trash faded, destroyed black clothing.


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