Let's Hear it for the Boys

Only a couple more days and this semester will be over. It’s both terrifying and exciting that the end is so near; terrifying because of finals and fear for grades, but also exciting to watch close friends graduate and know that a long break is in reach. But, enough of what’s to come and let’s get down to business. Make these last days the best and finish them off with a fashion bang unlike any other.

Among most fashion rules, I’m sure you’ve heard of the frequently mentioned ‘no-no’ of combining black and brown. However, this week’s Fashionisto proves to us that with the right tools and teaks it most certainly is possible. His ensemble consisted of dark washed blue jeans slight rolled up combined with his layering combo of a brown polo top underneath a dark cardigan covered by a black jacket.

What made this Fashionisto’s ensemble work was how simple and casual it all looked with the pulled up sleeves. Next time you want to try breaking the fashion rules and try something new, consider the black and brown combination. Remember that it all comes down to the details, for example if you look carefully you will notice how the brown polo’s color tone is very similar to the Fashionisto’s footwear’s hue. What also makes the look very appealing is the pattern of V’s that his pieces form. The shirt is nearly buttoned all the way to the top, the cardigan layered fully buttoned forms another V and the jacket is slightly zipped just enough to where you see everything worn beneath.

At first the combination might be challenging, especially when we’re all so used to thinking, “Nope, that’s a huge no. It’s like wearing socks with flip flops.” But, honestly if every rule was followed, after some time every ensemble would become boring. These last school days, take some risks and see what happens!

Hint: If you’re still hesitant to try the trend, start with something small. Don’t just jump right into it by wearing a black shirt with brown pants, begin with accessories and start small. Possibly try adding a third color as well to feel more confident, with great practice you’ll be creating the new cool color combinations.


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