LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Best Time To Wear A Striped Sweater

Let's Hear it for the Boys

The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time! Striped sweaters are perfect for the fall or winter and they can be worn with many different things depending on the weather. When the temperatures aren’t so low your fingers go numb, a striped sweater can be worn alone for a casual look. When the breeze starts picking up and the holidays are near, striped sweaters can be worn under a heavier jacket for that perfect, layered look. This week’s Fashionisto shows us how it’s done.

Wearing a blue and yellow striped sweater, this Fashionisto not only demonstrates school pride, but also shows off his great fashion sense. Layered underneath a black Volcom jacket, his sweater makes him stand out while keeping him warm. Moving up, his blue hat coincides with the look, adding some color and continuing the warmth. With the stripes happening on top, he chooses to keep it simple on the bottom. A pair of Nixon’s show that he put effort into his look, but give off a casual vibe. He finishes the outfit off with some Clarks and is finally on his way to class, feeling both comfortable and stylish. He will definitely stand out in the crowd, turning heads on the way to class.

Hint: If you don’t already own one, buy yourself a striped sweater! You can’t go wrong with stripes, and there are so many ways to go right. A versatile article of clothing, the striped sweater is easy to wear from September to March. Need another plus? They’re sold everywhere! If you want to be thrifty, try a consignment shop. If you’re willing to spend more, take a trip to Nordstrom. Either way, you’ll be set for two seasons!


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