Let's Hear it for the Boys

Tamagotchis, overalls, beanie babies and well…beanies. If you were lucky enough to be born a child of the ’90s, all of these muster up memories of simpler times. Before the iPhone, or even the iPod, in days when Compact Disc players, Gameboys and VCRs still reigned—technology was light years away from what we’ve grown accustomed to. Though it’s safe to say ’90s technology is a thing of the past (thanks but no thanks dial-up), ’90s fashion is making an even bigger comeback than the Backstreet Boys (and as a ’90′s child myself, I Want It That Way).

Ranging from the runway to the streets of your very own campus, the best dressed people in the world can be observed rocking all of our familiar ’90s favorites. Crop tops, Doc Marten boots and even overalls have been reintroduced into day-to-day style (and although I’m not quite ready for the overall trend myself, I salute you brave ones).

Personally, one of my favorite ’90s trends that has seen a resurgence this fall among Fashionistas/os alike is the beanie. In the ’90s, the beanie was a staple among style icons like Kurt Cobain and Johnny Depp, and worked perfectly with their apathetic grungy mentality. Don’t feel like showering? Wear a beanie. Don’t own a hairbrush? Wear a beanie. Grunge was so easy.

Today, the beanie holds true to it’s roots, and automatically adds a lot of edge and a little teen spirit to any old outfit. Take this Fashionisto for example. Rocking a navy blue beanie, skater sneakers and a plaid shirt under his fleece jacket, he looks like a modern version of Kurt Cobain. What could be better?

Hint: Here’s to all you ’90s kids. Whether you rock out to Nirvana in your spare time or really don’t get the grunge thing at all, give the beanie a shot. The modern day beanie is offered in a variety of colors and prints, and can be adapted to fit into any style or wardrobe with a little bit of effort!


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