Let's Hear it for the Boys

Brunch is served every Sunday morning at Wesleyan, but the affair is a far cry from glamorous. As bed-headed zombies plod toward the omelet line in sweatpants, it’s hard to fathom that mere hours earlier, they looked halfway decent. Some even looked fashionable, freshly groomed and in crisp button-downs.

But the clean-shaven allure of Saturday night wears off fast in college, and many students end their weekends looking run-down and tired. Glasses replace contact lenses, hoods hover over weary heads and for some, pajama pants act as a jeans alternative.

This Fashionisto stands out not because he seems dressier or tidier than other drowsy weekenders, but because even in his Sunday distressed, he keeps his outfit interesting. There was no way this dude could be bothered to comb his hair or readjust his collar after a long night, but he wasn’t going to throw on a zip-up and call it a day either.

Instead, he keeps cozy in a neutral-colored wool sweater, which he pairs effortlessly with not-too-tight gray jeans. In keeping with the theme of easy-to-wear classics, he opts for cool canvas sneakers in basic black.

The real eye-catcher of this guy’s outfit is his über-rad red jacket. Worn rumpled and slightly oversized, it looks utterly casual, and the large pockets allow this Fashionisto to slouch nonchalantly at ease, as he so charmingly demonstrates in the photo.

This dude tames his wild flaxen locks by covering them with a striped beanie. The clashing of its colors with his outerwear perfectly demonstrates weekend leisure, as does the small tangle of hair that manages to escape it.

This Fashionisto gets the messy-cool thing just right by choosing interesting, uncomplicated pieces. If you can muster the energy to drag yourself to brunch next weekend, try emulating his artfully relaxed style. It just might put some spring back in your step.

Hint: Even a strictly pajamas kind of guy can look stylish on a lazy weekend morning. Try a pair of structured sweats for optimal comfort.



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