Let's Hear it for the Boys

The fall is finally here and that means that the anticipation and the wait for cooler weather is finally over. While I am excited for the fall season I am in fact dreading the midterms as they are just around the corner. We all have our own heavy workload of exams, so we are tempted to make our fashion decisions based on comfort level and convenience. Being at the Fashion Institute of Technology, that particular comfort level is still, well, very stylish, chic and effortless. This Fashionisto is a great example. Queue in people nodding their heads in agreement.

Do we give up style for comfort? Not really. This is rare at FIT – just saying. We want and probably have the best of both worlds and this Fashionisto accomplishes this by wearing a timeless denim button up and slacks, both from J.Crew. He adds some texture with his quilted vest and his patent leather L.L.Bean penny loafers. Exams and studying makes all daily activities a bit more time sensitive therefore, a Timex military watch is mandatory. And to throw all your textbooks and your handy dandy laptop in, you need this huge shopper tote from WANT Les Essentiels De la Vie. I suggest you splurge and get this, and if you think otherwise, here is one with a more affordable price point for college kids.

I think it is very important that we invest in basics and classic styles. This can be a great T-shirt, or even a great pair of boots (pass one of these in my size, please!). This category includes apparel and accessories that you can wear all four seasons. You will get instant gratification, not just for a while, but for a lifetime.

Hint: Study hard and look stylish and effortless while doing it. It is that simple!


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