LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Backpack, Backpack!

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Another fall semester is zooming by, and days are growing colder as we creep towards the threshold of another brisk winter. Students are slowly (but bitterly) trading in light fall jackets for warmer, puffier ones in order to keep up with Mother Nature’s wrath.

Cold weather provides a distinct challenge to Fashionistas/os because for many, the desire to stay warm outweighs the desire to look stylish (and who can blame them?). Let’s face it—it’s hard to vary your street style when all your best looks are hidden underneath a thick winter jacket. Happy Valley is no stranger to this phenomenon, and with temperatures looking more and more arctic everyday, many students are already regressing into their cozy puffy parka cocoons.

The key to keeping your style on point while avoiding turning into a real life Jack Frost lies in everyday accessories. Your coolest graphic T-shirt may be hidden under more layers than the earth’s inner core, so why not incorporate a bold graphic into a visible everyday essential, like your backpack? I spotted this warm and well-dressed guy on his way home from class, rocking his personality on his back. A green plaid North Face backpack is perfect for everyday use, and keeps this Fashionisto from fading into the crowd.

Hint: Take a cue from this Fashionisto and invest in a bold backpack to make your cold weather street style stand out. Find a pattern that’s wearable enough for class everyday but still visually interesting, like this black and white chevron bag or this classic Americana option. Don’t be surprised when everyone is sneaking a peek at your backside!


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