LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Back in Stride Again

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Over the years, the first week of school has always been the ultimate fashion show: everyone wearing their favorite pieces that they got for Christmas, showing their style for the new year. The excitement to wear new clothes at school seemed to give everyone a rush in grade school, at least for me it did. To my surprise, things are still the same. It is safe to say that everyone I spotted this week was dressed to impress! The first week of classes at a university is a little different though, with the confusion of students navigating their way through campus to find classes in buildings they’ve never heard of and the excitement of chatting with friends in the Marshall Student Center that they didn’t get to see over the break.

At USF, the array of students is so vast and seeing students’ different senses of style brings me great excitement. An outfit is kind of like a window into a person’s life, each piece of clothing alludes to how the person is feeling that day or a fact they are trying to tell about themselves. Combined, the outfit forms a unique story about that person. Fashion is a medium through which people can say who they are and what their interests are without ever saying a word.

This Fashionisto’s style incorporates a simple yet classic look and a bold accessory that pops. The white button-down he wears serves as the base of the outfit, setting the foundation for the other pieces to come together smoothly. The army green pants give contrast to the outfit and deviate from the typical blue jean to give a dash of color. Navy blue chukka boots with rust detailing complement the sweater to match. The gold hardware Michael Kors watch he wears brightly contrasts from the overall simplicity of the outfit.

Hint: To achieve this Fashionisto’s classic look, try something like this cardigan that can be styled in any way. A flat cap shows personality, and is the key piece that gives a vintage feel to the look. Finally, every guy needs a nice watch in their collection and choosing one that fits your personal style is no simple task. Check out what Michael Kors has to offer. As with any personal style, acquiring unique items that represent you happens over time. Don’t be afraid to make bold choices because you never know who you might influence.


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