LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: An Ode To The Classics

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Even the reasonably fashion-aware know the spring, summer and fall color palettes that cycle every season that we have to buy our staple items in. A topic less talked about is the winter color palette. During the holidays it’s quite obvious you stick with the metallic, the black sheen, the crisp winter whites, but afterwards? A lot of us may be lost and lazy. I’m here to tell you it’s okay to feel lost in the bitter Northeast winter and to embrace the simple every so often.

Quite frankly, any guy willing to get out of bed on days like these let alone put on anything that isn’t a snowsuit impresses me. It’s cold and bleak and there’s seemingly no hope for fashion right now besides layering. This guy kept his outfit for a snowy Saturday simple with a dark gray V-neck sweater layered with a thick black jacket. On his feet he is wearing dark gray Vans with black laces. After a snow day, a sweater and a thicker jacket should be enough to keep you warm, while still looking classy. Now also might not be the best time to wear your favorite leather oxfords or suede moccasins because it is slushy. If you don’t own boots, a sneaker with a thick sole like his can keep you from getting wet, and the fabric will dry as good as new. Overall, this Fashionisto did a great job of being winter appropriate and mixing college kid casual (the shoes!) with adult appropriate (the sweater!).

He matched his sweater and jacket combination perfectly with his shoe and laces combination, which complement the monochromatic color palette of his outfit perfectly. If you aren’t in any mood to experiment with color, a monochromatic theme is comfortable and still trendy. Plus, with snow so bright, you’ll stand out in black more than you would in any other color.

Hint: If you aren’t feeling inspired outfit-wise, stick with what you know. Start with a worn pair of pants, add your favorite sweater and your favorite shoes, top it off with a jacket and you’re done! Its easy to feel like your favorite items might be played-out or too simple, but they are your favorites for a reason.


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